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My recent work is about exploring sculptural possibilities of functional pottery, mostly teapots and other spouted pouring vessels. I am trained as a maker of functional pots and I use the basic language of thrown forms to create larger and more intricate pieces. 

I often change the method of making, proportions and appearance of elements, so the function is not always obvious. I like to arrange elements in a playful, illogical manner; their placement and interplay affect both function and the aesthetic. Function is sometimes emphasized and sometimes concealed, aiming for intuitive connections and overall visual balance of the finished piece. I combine parts that are challenging to assemble and involve a level of risk in surviving the high firing temperatures without cracking and distorting. I try to push the material to do what is not naturally inclined to do.


Another important aspect of my work is research in glaze chemistry. Surfaces are achieved by high firing temperatures, multiple firings and volatile and unpredictable ceramic materials that always include an element of chance. These physical properties of the glazes, their complexity and unpredictability, are specific to ceramics, and although they resemble metal and stone, each of my pieces remains at root a work of pottery. Transformative power of heat, extensive research in chemistry, belief in potter’s alchemy and chance, are my main decorating tools.


Inspiration for some of my pieces comes from different everyday objects. I am interested in the metaphor for containment and also the possibility of "function that might follow the form". I think of it as part an ongoing process of redefining the context of the functional object, esthetically influenced by architecture, geometry, design, and different art and craft disciplines.

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